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1983 to 2003 Upjohn • Pharmacia • Pfizer

• Radiation Safety Technician

• Systems Analyst I Territory Optimization

• Systems Analyst II Medical Programmer

• Information Scientist - Datawarehouse Designer

VAX 11/730 - 1984

Radiation Safety Technician

01Vax Computer.png

I used a Vax 11/730 to create gamma spectroscopy analysis reports and graphs for our weekly Radiation Safety Team meetings. The reports showed the acceptable limits of investigational research isotopes in our incinerated ash before disposal.

Genie Gamma Spectroscopy Analysis Software - 1984
Radiation Safety Technician

02Genie 2000 Analysis.png

Genie 2000 Basic Spectroscopy Software is a comprehensive environment for data acquisition, display, and analysis of gamma and alpha spectrometry data. It provides independent support for multiple detectors, extensive networking capabilities, an intuitive and interactive human interface, and comprehensive batch procedure capabilities.

Lotus 123 - 1984
Radiation Safety Technician

Lotus 123.jpg

Lotus 123 was also used to compile large amounts of Radiation Safety data into 'easy to read' charts for management.

Systems Analyst I
MS Access dB

MS Access.png

I used this primarily for data cleansing and relocating data from older systems like Fortran databases to the newer In'tra'net (Internal Only) systems using a Visual Basic UI. The customer UX was greatly enhanced.

Inner Join • Left Join • Right Join • Full Join (Union) allowed for the removal of unnecessary data fields along with the addition of new and necessary fields including the updating of indexes and proper formatting of phone numbers, addresses, etc. "and" the elimination of duplicates!

Systems Analyst II

SAS - Statistical Analysis Software


I was one of 12 SAS coders who created algorithms according to the data and specifications provided to us by the investigational Doctors. The algorithms were for both efficacy and adverse events. The most famous drug I worked on was Celebrex. It was competing with the blockbuster Vioxx. Vioxx was taken off of the market a few years afterward.

Vioxx was pulled off of the market because of the Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke. According to the company's press release, it was a decision based on data from a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial (the APPROVe trial).

Information Scientist

Oracle PL/SQL UI TableTrans • Warehouse Design • Joining and Populating Data 

Along With Designing a User Friendly Query System Using Crystal Reports - Seagate


I was learning SAS when I was asked if I would be willing to try an experiment with coding software. The goal was to complete algorithms for a new NDA with the software called TableTrans (GUI for PL/SQL) it took me on an unexpected career path from Systems Analyst II to Information Scientist. A new Informatics group was forming in 2000 and they needed a programmer to build a warehouse joining clinical and genomic data.

Computer software enables analysts and data managers to transform electronically-stored data to utilize the data with computer software that requires the data in a different format, without the need for custom programming

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